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On My Mind

March 2, 2009

Both plants and PCs have garnered a lot of thought lately. I’d like to get rid of the massive mess of wires the desktops “live and breathe” by and just go with laptops. But I wish laptops were made, in left handed & right handed models, with the touchpad on the side, and with the keyboard closer to the front. I could add a keyboard, but there I go with wires again. No so much though. Most of my data files are on portable drives anyway–I just have to decide on exactly what I want.

My 2009 garden lineup thus far:  More Persian Shield and Alternanthera for the top of the hill and even more begonias and scaevola than I usually get, since they do so well. If the new hostas and heucheras I got last year do well, I shouldn’t have to get as many plants this year. But then, I always think I’ll need less than I do to make the garden look good!  I have no such thing as full sun, so it makes planning more difficult.


Hello world!

February 22, 2009

Just found an online desktop at Symantec called “GoEverywhere.”  I’ve thought for quite awhile that this would be the future, replacing the computers we use today.  I’d have thought Microsoft would have this first, with all of their software “converted” to online software to sell and import into your online Windows account.  Windows Azure, however, is not for home users.  Cloud computing seems to have several definitions and at present most of the efforts are business oriented. I haven’t tried the GoEverywhere desktop as yet.