On My Mind

March 2, 2009

Both plants and PCs have garnered a lot of thought lately. I’d like to get rid of the massive mess of wires the desktops “live and breathe” by and just go with laptops. But I wish laptops were made, in left handed & right handed models, with the touchpad on the side, and with the keyboard closer to the front. I could add a keyboard, but there I go with wires again. No so much though. Most of my data files are on portable drives anyway–I just have to decide on exactly what I want.

My 2009 garden lineup thus far:  More Persian Shield and Alternanthera for the top of the hill and even more begonias and scaevola than I usually get, since they do so well. If the new hostas and heucheras I got last year do well, I shouldn’t have to get as many plants this year. But then, I always think I’ll need less than I do to make the garden look good!  I have no such thing as full sun, so it makes planning more difficult.

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